Sergeant Bernard John Frederick Haller


Unit : "G" Squadron, No.1 Wing, The Glider Pilot Regiment

Army No. : 14291815

Awards : Mentioned in Despatches


After being wounded during fighting at Arnhem on 23rd September 1944, Haller was taken to Oosterbeek hospital which was then in German hands. On 5th October 1944 when many of the Prisoners of War were being evacuated to Germany Haller hid in the cookhouse, and here he was joined by a medical orderly. The next day, to make themselves as inconspicuous as possible, they joined a fatigue party, returning to the cookhouse in the evening. Later they succeeded in crossing the courtyard and reaching the outer wall without attracting the attention of the two sentries. An observation post was located nearby, but they reached an opening in the wire which in some parts replaced the wall. Before they gained open country they had to climb over two barbed wire barriers. They made their way to Hurlsherst where they found help. Haller remained hidden until liberated on 8th May 1945.


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