The Distinguished Service Cross was founded in January 1918.


DSO = Distinguished Service Order

MBE = Member of the British Empire

MC = Military Cross

PH = Purple Heart

POW = Prisoner of War


1st Airborne Division





Maj Charles Anthony Howell Bruce Blake

1st Airlanding Brigade HQ


Maj Charles Breese

1st Border


Maj George Francis de Gex

Light Regiment


Brig Gerald Lathbury DSO, MBE

1st Para Brigade HQ

Wounded, POW, Escaped

Lt-Col Robert Loder-Symonds DSO, MC

HQ Royal Artillery


Cpl Douglas McGrath

2nd South Staffords


Capt Eric Mackay

1st Para Squadron

POW, Escaped, MBE

L/Cpl Francis Mann

Reconnaissance Squadron


L/Cpl Robert Pearce

2nd Battalion


Lt Harvey Todd

Jeburgh Team Claude

Wounded, POW, Escaped, PH

Lt Philip Hart Turner

2nd South Staffords