Corporal Alexander Lancaster


Unit : No.2 Platoon, 9th (Airborne) Field Company

Army No. : 1899732

Awards : Bronzen Leeuw


At Arnhem on September 18th 1944, Corporal Lancaster's section was detailed to attack and destroy a machine gun position in a house about 300 yards from his platoon position. As his section went forward, the enemy put down intense mortar fire on the ground, over which his section had to move. Although he was blown over three times by blast, Corporal Lancaster continued to lead his men through this fire with great determination and with them he destroyed the machine gun position. Corporal Lancaster personally accounted for five of the enemy.


After this action was over, and still under intense fire, Corporal Lancaster returned to the position three times to bring in one wounded and two dead sappers. He returned yet a fourth time because of the shortage of ammunition in his platoon position, to gather up and bring back all the enemy arms and ammunition available. In the ensuing three days heavy fighting, although he was suffering from the effects blast, he displayed a very high standard of leadership, particularly in dealing with enemy snipers. His section suffered heavy casualties but they fought to the last with a magnificent fighting spirit, which was inspired by their Section commander's fearless leadership and his drive to get to grips with the enemy.


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