Corporal Alexander Gunning


Unit : Medium Machine-Gun Group, Support Company, 7th (Galloway) Battalion The King's Own Scottish Borderers

Army No. : 3187350

Awards : Bronzen Kruis


This NCO showed great courage and devotion to duty throughout the entire operation with complete disregard to his own safety. When the position of the battalion at the White House at Ollerton on the 21st September 1944 was in danger of being over-run he stayed by his Vickers machine gun in spite of very accurate enemy fire, opening fire on the enemy at very short range with such devastating effect that the enemy attack was completely broken-up.


On 24th September 1944 despite the fact that neighbouring troops had vacated the adjoining positions in a wood, he continued to man his gun and inflicted many casualties on the enemy thereby enabling the adjoining troops to re-occupy the position. His tenacity on this occasion saved a difficult situation and had a distinct effect on the whole operation in that vicinity.


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