Sergeant Alex Mashiter


Unit : 1st Airlanding Light Regiment, RA

Army No. : 3709354

Awards : British Empire Medal


This NCO has been duty Sergeant in this Regiment and previously the 173 Field Regiment, since January 1942 until November 1943. He has served in England, Africa and Italy. During this period he always performed his duties outstandingly well, often with little or no supervision.


He returned to England in January 1944 and then acted as a Troop Sergeant Major of an anti-tank troop formed especially for the Arnhem operation. He took part in that operation and commanded that troop as his troop commander failed to arrive. He showed great courage and devotion to duty during the whole of the operation receiving a severe wound through his chest on the morning of the evacuation.


Despite this wound he swam the Rhine collapsing when he reached the south bank. He has now recovered and has rejoined this unit.


He is an outstandingly loyal courageous and efficient NCO who has consistently over a long period shown great devotion to duty both in action and administrative work.


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