Officers and Other Ranks of No.1 Forward Observation Unit, RA, taken in January 1945 at Coleby Hall, Lincolnshire. Larger image. Copyright: Brian O'Grady.


Back row, left to right: Gunners K. Ebden and Chandler, two unknowns, J. Donald, A. Saxon, Rosenbury, L. Stead, unknown, Money, Goggins, Wren, Barbour, Carroll, R. Thompson, four unknowns.


Fourth row: Two unknowns, Gunner J. Tatton, unknown, Lance-Bombardier R. Baker, three unknowns, Gunner K. Raybold, Battery Sergeant Major S. Grundy, unknown, Gunners Bright and Lewis, two unknowns, Gunner R. Jackson, three unknowns.


Third row: Four unknowns, Lance-Bombardier O'Shaugnessy, unknown Bombardier, Bombardier Lark or Rowell, unknown Sergeant, Sergeant Patten, Captain Colin Hewitt, Desmond Taylor, Ivor Gilman, Geoffrey Davey and Ken Pipe, unknown Sergeant, Sergeant Cartwright, Bombardier Hale, Gunner F. Fox, Sergeant Billings, Lance-Bombardier A. Brearton, Gunners Charlesworth, M. Cashman and Crawford.


Second row (seated): Captains Peter Payne, Michael Braithwaite, Leslie Meigh, Bill Bunting, Rowland Goddard, Arthur O'Grady, Pat Hazelgrove, C.J.S. "Mac" MacMillan, Tom Salisbury-Woods, Major Reginald Wight-Boycott, Captains W.H. "Whimpy" Whimster and Bill Caird, Julian Buxton, Clem Lister, Shad Elmsley, C.O. "Ken" Kennedy, Joe Whitton, Johnnie Blenkinsopp, unknown Gunner.


Front row: Two unknowns, Gunner Otley, unknown, Gunners Shave, J. Kelly, K. Garner, Broadbent, K. Taylor, four unknowns, Gunner Yates, unknown, Gunners A. Moon and Lumley, unknown, Gunners Stringer and G. Savage, unknown.