Signals Platoon, Headquarters Company, 3rd Parachute Battalion, at Spalding, Lincolnshire, September 1944. Click here for a full-size (236kb) photograph.


Back row (left to right): Privates R. Curtiss and E. Wood, Signalman.R. Wiles (attached), Bombardier A. S. Jacobs (attached), Privates B. Derbyshire, J. Hunter, F. Radley, H. C. Mathews, W. Hulme and J. P. Moran, Signalmen D. Bastow and A. L. Hitchens (both attached), Corporal A. E. Reece (attached) and Private D. J. J. Palmer.


Middle row: Sergeant J. Chandler, Private E. Redman, Signalman G. Dunning (attached), Private J. S. Jones, Lieutenant J. Pryce, Major J. I. Houston, Second Lieutenant Douglas, Lance-Corporal A. French, Privates G. R. Marsh and D. Collins and Sergeant A. Bradley.


Front row: Corporals A. O. Rowthorne and Cpl. Wilson MM, Privates L. G. Barlow, R. McCabe, L. A. C. Curtis, G. Grundy, J. Johnstone and A. Watson.


Not included on this photograph: "Smiley" Burnett, Sergeant "Jock" Cameron, "Chin" Chinnery, Corporal "Taffy" Cornfield, Emery, Lance-Corporal Jimmy Forrester, "Fuzzy" Foster, Corporal "Soapy" Hope, Ted "Anna" Neagle, "Paddy" Rankin, "Tosh" Toshtevin and Lance-Corporal Jimmy Ward.