"A" Squadron of the Glider Pilot Regiment, taken at RAF Harwell, before D-Day in 1944. Click here for a full-size (286kb) photograph.


Back row, left to right: Staff-Sergeant K. Privett, Sergeants J. Hayes, J. Chandler, N. Whitehouse, A. Bosworth, W. Venables, F. Ponsford and A. Lee, Staff-Sergeant N. Blake, Sergeant Cedric Laycock, Staff-Sergeant A. Kirkman, Sergeants F. McCaig and Yeoman, Staff-Sergeant A. Johnson, I. Hannan and J. Hutley, Sergeant N. Ramsden, Staff-Sergeants M. Bramah, I. Martin and W. Smallwood, Sergeant J. McInnes, Staff-Sergeants H. Mamby, M. Herridge, K. Kirkham and P. Logie, Sergeant T. Ford, Staff-Sergeant E. Saunders and K. Westerby, Sergeants Connelly and Harris, Staff-Sergeant C. Harman, T. Hellyer, and G. Bright, Private Spekeman.


Fourth row: Sergeants L. Jackaman and J. Perry, Staff-Sergeants Flowers, Moore, J. Edwards and R. Osborne, Sergeant P. Sullivan, Staff-Sergeant J. Jenkins, J. Kennedy, Sergeants W. Dobbings, H. Sloane, D. Trincombe and Milne, Staff-Sergeant V. McManus, Sergeants C. Dawson and D. Hamilton, Staff-Sergeant S. Goold, Sergeants W. Wood, R. Bartley, C. Rose and F. Parker, Staff-Sergeant Hillier, Sergeant P. Phillips, Staff-Sergeant D. Rushton, Sergeats R. Berry, G. Bright, J. Snowden, J. Wilson, J. Boseley, T. Wright, G. Shiles, W. Ferguson and Watson, Corporal James, Trooper McAdams, Private Riley, Sergeants E. Wood, F. Bratt and T. Wilson.


Third row: Sergeant W. Knox, Staff-Sergeant R. Grant, Sergeants A. Chamberlain, V. Haines, C. King and L. Pattinson, Staff-Sergeant A. Stear, Sergeant P. Lock, Staff-Sergeant P. Martin and A. Gibb, Unknown, Staff-Sergeants R. Barrett and M. Clayton, Sergeant W. Fenge, Staff-Sergeants J. H. Jenkins, R. Luff and D. Wright, Sergeants B. Powell, A. Reith and A. Rigg, Staff-Sergeants J. Elford and L. Kay, Sergeants F. Muggeridge and Travis, Staff-Sergeant V. Cooper, Sergeants H. Harris, C. Smith, J. Perkins and R. Crisp, Lance-Corporal Jarvis, Troopers Williams, Cleverley and Thomson, Private Schofield, Sergeant S. Brown, Troopers Wormwell and Pinkham.


Second row: Staff-Sergeants C. Wormleighton, D. Houghton, H. Ockwell, S. Johnstone, J. Kingdon, J. Robson, C. Pearson, W. Blanthorn, R. Creed, G. Crook and C. Bishop, Lieutenant H. K. Chapman, Reverend G. Pare, Lieutenants E. Markwick and P. Fletcher, Captains W. Tallentire, R. K. Cross and H. T. Bartlett, Major S. C. Griffiths, Squadron Sergeant Major K. Mew, Captains N. Smellie and J. Hardie, Lieutenants H. Haeffner, J. Bromley, C. C. Taylor and C. Michell, Staff-Sergeants W. Bradshaw and E. Thorpe, Sergeants A. Campbell and G. Lawton, Staff-Sergeants D. Daniels, E. Ralph, L. Catt, H. Doorn, M. McCracken, V. Osborne, A. Chapman, J. Harris and R. Smeaton.


Front row: Privates T. Curtis, Hayter and Wilson, Corporal Cornford, Trooper Whing, Lance-Corporal Newill and Foster, Sergeants F. Ward, P. Harrison, R. Hill and W. Marfleet, Staff-Sergeant R. Ditch, Sergeants E. Kitts, R. Blinkhorne, F. C. Parker, A. Mitchell, R. F. Shipley, A. Wheatley, K. Mills, R. J. Driver and R. Hardie, Staff-Sergeant D. Rennison, Sergeants D. E. Monk, J. Cartlidge, K. O'Brien and R. O'Loughlan, Staff-Sergeant J. Elford?, Sergeant B. Spencer, Trooper Newlands, Private Roberts, Lance-Corporal Murphy, Corporal E. Jones, Troopers Fitton, Cook and Ridgley.