Irene Reimann, a German WAAF (Blitzmadschen) telephonist of Luft-Nachrichten-Regiment 201, the unit manning the headquarters bunker of the Luftwaffe's 3 Jagd-Division at Schaarsbergen which controlled the two Luftwaffe radar and communications stations, 'Teerose I' and 'Teerose II' located east of Deelen airfield. She was captured in civilian clothing on the first day by the 7th King's Own Scottish Borderers. She refused all food until it was tasted by British troops, fearing that it was poisoned. The photo was likely taken at 1st Airlanding Brigade HQ. The photographer, Sergeant Dennis Smith of the Army Film and Photographic Unit, noted: "At first she refused to be photographed and eventually was found hiding behind this wooden hut". Larger image. Copyright: IWM BU1096.