The 9th Field Company, RE, in March 1943. Click here for a full-size (448kb) photograph.


Back row, left to right: Sapper Joe Sibley, Driver/Sapper G. E. Hudson, Unknown, Corporal Oakey/Oakley (No.3 Platoon), Sapper Ivor W. Hannabuss (No.3 Platoon), Unknown, Unknown, Sapper Louis F. Shelley (No.1 Platoon, KIA 25-26/09/44), Lance-Corporal William Edwin "Johnny" Johnson (No.2 Platoon), Sapper Arthur A. Cottle (No.2 Platoon, KIA 20/09/44), Unknown, Unknown, Sappers "Taff" Parry and Cridge, Lance-Corporal "Ticky" Wright (No.3 Platoon), Sapper "Blanco" White (No.3 Platoon), Unknown, Unknown, Sapper Fred Cordell (No.3 Platoon), Driver George "Ginger" Fairs (HQ Platoon), Sapper Congreave (No.3 Platoon), Lance-Corporal T. P. "Tommy" Bradley (No.2 Platoon), Sappers Bevis/Wheeler and Ernie V. Dane (No.2 Platoon), Driver Benny Webb, Kenny, Sappers Wainman and Whiteside, Unknown, Sapper "Chas" Seymour, Pattrick (No.3 Platoon), Sappers "Sweeney" Todd and J. J. Johnstone (both No.3 Platoon), Unknown, Sapper Hewlitt (No.3 Platoon).


Fifth row: Driver Steve Donaghue (No.2 Platoon), Unknown, Lance-Corporal Edward V. Pickburn (KIA 17/09/44), Sapper M. W. P. Robinson (No.2 Platoon), Unknown, Sappers John F. Hogg (No.2 Platoon), Roberts (No.1 Platoon) and J. "Jack" Tipler (No.2 Platoon), Unknown, Corporal McDonald and Sapper J. Hillman (both No.3 Platoon), Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Sappers Frederick A. S. Davis and Arthur G. Watt (both No.1 Platoon and both KIA 17/09/44), Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Sappers W. Hogan, Jim Peden (No.3 Platoon), Driver Gilbert G. Williams (No.3 Platoon), Sapper Tom Williams (No.1 Platoon), Unknown, Unknown, Sapper Nash/Bill Sykes (No.2 Platoon), Unknown, Sappers Thompson (No.3 Platoon), Burns and Beardmore (both No.1 Platoon), Driver Adams (No.1 Platoon).


Fourth row: Unknown, Sapper G. Robertson, Lance-Corporal Stanley Hey (Cook, No.3 Platoon), Unknown, Sapper Sam Fisher (No.3 Platoon), "Darky" Taylor, Drivers Fred Callis and Brown, Unknown, Corporal W. Coward (No.2 Platoon), Sapper Harry Jones (No.1 Platoon), Unknown, Sappers Jim Pelling and Peter Greig (KIA 18/09/44), Unknown, Unknown, Sappers William R. Rogers and Ronald V. Russell (both No.2 Platoon and both KIA 19 and 18/09/44 respectively), Unknown, Sappers John Courtney (No.3 Platoon), C. Beaver and Raymond F. Holdstock (HQ Platoon, KIA 17/09/44), Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Sappers A. F. Andrews and Danny Shaw (both No.1 Platoon), Driver Gordon Shaw, Unknown, Sapper John M. Kelly (No.1 Platoon, KIA 23/09/44), Unknown, Unknown, Sappers Wilson, Bill "Dodger" Green, Eddie "Lyndy" Lyndon (all No.2 Platoon), Sappers W. Staniforth and Albert J. Price (both No.1 Platoon).


Third row: Ted "Flash" Porter (No.3 Platoon), Unknown, Sapper Donald "Tony" Wann and Len Bonner (both HQ Platoon), Unknown, Sapper Jim Cook (No.3 Platoon), Unknown, Sappers Tom Hyland and Andino Tunningley (both No.2 Platoon), Driver Allen, Young, Sappers Vashni Bamford, Alec Lawson (KIA 24/09/44) and D. Rankin (all No.3 Platoon), Corporal Norman B. Ashworth (No.3 Platoon, KIA 25/09/44), Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Corporal "Tramp" Dennett, Unknown, Unknown, Lance-Corporal H. S. "Albert" Carmalt (No.2 Platoon), Sappers Robert G. W. Trouse (KIA 19-20/09/44) and Albert Graydon (both No.2 Platoon), Colin Shepherd and Headley Walker (both HQ Platoon), Unknown, Sappers Sampson and John Fernyhough (No.1 Platoon, KIA 17/09/44), Unknown, Sapper Arthur Hall (No.1 Platoon, KIA 17/09/44), Unknown, Sapper R. H. Reeves (No.1 Platoon).


Second row (seated): Lance-Corporal E. Bridge, Lance-Sergeant James G. Ryder (KIA 23/09/44), Corporal Jack Wharton, Unknown, Corporal John C. Collett (No.2 Platoon, KIA Sicily?), Lance-Sergeants Roy H. Allen (No.1 Platoon, KIA 17/09/44) and Robert O. Cawood, Sergeant Dixon (No.2 Platoon), Unknown, Sergeant Jim Denning (HQ Platoon), Unknown, Sergeants Arthur F. Oakey (No.1 Platoon, KIA 17/09/44) and Craig, Unknown, Unknown, Captain John N. Holmes, Lieutenant Robert McNeile, Unknown, Unknown, Captain Jean Ellams, Lieutenants Eric C. O'Callaghan (No.2 Platoon) and Jimmy Steel (No.3 Platoon), Sergeants Bushell (No.2 Platoon) and Gisbourne, Staff-Sergeant Henry E. Snow (Army Physical Training Corps, KIA 24/09/44), Sergeants Green, Tolson and E. J. S. "Sonny" Gibbons, Unknown, Corporal James "Jock" Baird, Lance-Sergeant Hugh Lake (No.3 Platoon), Sapper Michael W. Byers (No.3 Platoon), Corporals Clifton, J. Watt, Ken Leach and Albert "Duke" Windsor (all HQ Platoon), and Corporal Sidney A. Aldridge (No.1 Platoon).


Front row: Leonard Bamforth (No.1 Platoon), Ernie (Militia Man), Sappers Musselwhite (HQ Platoon), Ron Turner (No.2 Platoon) and C. McClay, Unknown, Sappers Black (No.3 Platoon), Sheriff, Patterson, Bowyer (No.3 Platoon), Moss and C. "Titch" Postans, Driver George H. Hallam, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown.