"A" Company, 2nd Parachute Battalion, at Easton Hall, Lincolnshire, June 1944. Charles Barraclough sits fifth from the right on the front row. Click here for a full-size (140kb) photograph.


Back row (left to right): Lance-Corporal Clamp, Corporal Beagle, Privates Kitchener and Pte.Blackmore, Unknown, Unknown, Privates Olde, Parker 36 and Hannan, Corporal Scopes, Private Barnes, Corporal Hastings, Unknown, Private Bailey, Unknown, Privates Rose, Dimond and Turner, Unknown, Lance-Corporal Townes.


Fourth row: Corporal Appleton, Lance-Corporal Peter Badger (DoW 07/05/45), Privates William Page (KIA 23/09/44) Douglas Fraser (KIA 20/09/44), Unknown, Corporals Dell and Thirkell, Private Sullivan, Unknown, Privates J. P. Kane, John Smith 47 (KIA 18/09/44) and Tillyer, Lance-Corporal Charles Waddilove (KIA 19/09/44), Sergeant Sydney Power (KIA 21-25/09/44), Privates Thomas Gibson (KIA 17/09/44) and Needham, Lance-Corporal Shooter, Privates Masterson, Delano and Cresswell, Corporal.Howells and Private Blackman.


Third row: Privates Archibald McAuslan (22/09/44), Bolton and Benjamin Bliss (KIA 19/0944), Unknown, Private Maryan, Unknown, Privates Haines, Butler, Anderson, Jack Simpson (KIA 20/09/44), Des Davies (RAMC), Cook MM, Currie, Tate and Jones, Lance-Corporals Webb and Jackson, Private Oliver, Corporal Hartman, Privates Phillips, Travers, Fitzgerald and George May (KIA 23/09/44)


Second row (seated): Sergeants Bill Fulton, W. Price, Bardwell, John Wallace, Dennis Meads (KIA 18/09/44), R. Dennis, and E. Ballinger, CSM E. Dent, Lieutenant Andrew McDermont (KIA 22/09/44), Captain J. Timothy, Major Digby Tatham-Warter, Lieutenants Jack Grayburn (KIA 20/09/44) and Robin Vlasto, CQMS Morris, Sergeants Neville Ashley MM, J. Crompton, Fox, L. Kent, F. Lyoness, S. Kinsey and J. Bromfield


Front row: Privates William Parker (KIA 17/09/44), Smith 53, Wadsworth and Stubbs, Unknown, Privates Anderson, Robert Lygo MM, Frederick Allman (25/09/44), Mack, Dunford, H. Sargeant (KIA ?) and Barraclough, Corporal Priestley, Privates Russell, Stringer and McTier.


Not included in this photograph: Privates Barnes, R. Holt, Beckett, Silk, Janowsky, Fox, F. Harrison, R.Harrison, William Reeve (KIA 18-25/09/44), Avery, Cockrell, Norton, Watkins, Henry Battrick (KIA 21/09/44), Vardy, Jonas, Ball and Strutt.