German prisoners being searched by British troops, while Dutch civilians looking on Two British soldiers take prisoners in Heelsum The body of General Kussin. WARNING - not a pretty sight The body of General Kussin's driver The body of General Kussin's driver, who were killed by the 3rd Battalion on the 17th September

Men of Divisional Signals taking up defensive positions around DZ-X Sheriff Thompson (second left) helping to unload a damaged Horsa glider on LZ-Z Men of the 1st Battalion shelter in a bomb crater An aerial view of the Railway Bridge The Railway Bridge, which was blown by the Germans on Sunday 17th September

A man of the 1st Airlanding Brigade using a compact radio transmitter An Airborne man with a radio set Lieutenant-Colonel Loder-Symonds on Sunday 17th September Two local women holding a Dutch flag with passing airborne troops British soldiers share a brew with a civilian

A German WAAF captured on the first day Two German prisoners of war cutting wood for fuel Three German prisoners of war and a suspected collaborator A Jeep and anti-tank gun of the 1st Border passes through Renkum

Sunday 17th September



The path along which B Company, 1st Border, withdrew from Renkum on Monday 18th September South Staffords marching along the Utrechtseweg, their packs loaded onto a handcart Men of the 2nd South Staffords moving along the Utrechtseweg on Monday 18th September A towed Anti-Tank gun, slowly advancing upon Arnhem with the South Staffords Men of the 2nd South Staffords in Oosterbeek

Men of the 2nd South Staffords in Oosterbeek Men of the 2nd South Staffords in Oosterbeek C Troop of the Recce Squadron, dug in around Wolfheze Men of the Reconnaissance Squadron with Dutch civilians Men of the Reconnaissance Squadron with Dutch civilians

Men of the Reconnaissance Squadron with Dutch civilians in Oosterbeek A member of the Reconnaissance Squadron with Dutch civilians in Oosterbeek A British Jeep, probably in Oosterbeek during the first days of the Battle The 3rd Battalion advancing along the "Tiger" Route A dressing station

German infantry preparing to set a Horsa on fire A German soldier walking passed an abandoned Horsa A Horsa glider on fire A Horsa glider on fire A surgical team of the 181 Field Ambulance in Wolfheze

Members of the 16 Parachute Field Ambulance behind the St. Elizabeth Hospital

Monday 18th September



Soliders and armour of the Assault Gun Brigade 280 move into Arnhem German soldiers and vehicles on the Utrechtseweg German troops preparing to go into action near the Museum Dutch patients being led out of the St Elizabeth Hospital under a white flag Wreckage around the St Elizabeth Hospital

Civilian medical services at work amidst the wreckage around the St Elizabeth Hospital German infantry and a self-propelled gun near the Museum in Arnhem German troops around the area of the Museum German infantry supported by a self-propelled gun preparing to attack British positions in Arnhem on Tuesday 19th September Prisoners of the 2nd South Staffs being search by German soldiers

Captured South Staffords Men of the 2nd South Staffords being led away to captivity Damaged buildings near the Municipal Museum, Arnhem Captured 2nd South Staffords men being marched along the Utretchseweg, near the Museum in Arnhem, on Tuesday 19th September Men of the 2nd South Staffords being led into captivity near the Municipal Museum

A 20mm self-propelled flak gun looking towards the fighting in Arnhem on Tuesday 19th 1st Para Brigade dead in Arnhem 1st Parachute Brigade prisoners being escorted through Arnhem on Tuesday 19th September British dead, either 1st or 10th Battalion, near a milestone, 6 km from Arnhem, alongside the Amsterdamseweg German infantry on the Dreijenseweg

A 20mm cannon engages the 4th Para Brigade on the Driejenseweg A German half-track in action on the Dreijenseweg British dead on the Dreijenseweg The remains of the Johannahoeve Farm A German flak position near one of the landing zones

A Polish glider coming in to land on LZ-L The remains of a wrecked Horsa and its Jeep on LZ-L German infantry approaching Wolfheze Boiled potatoes being handed out to German soldiers during a lull A dead British soldier on the Onderlangs

Two Luftwaffe photographers in the Arnhem area Two captured British medics crossing the Utrechtseweg in Arnhem under German supervision

Tuesday 19th September



7th KOSB prisoners being marched through Wageningen British prisoners being marched away from the Vreewijk Hotel on Wednesday 20th September

Wednesday 20th September



Part of the Polish Brigade landing at Grave on the 23rd September

Saturday 23rd September



The St. Elizabeth Hospital The Pontoon and Road Bridges on the 6th September 1944 German vehicles opposite the railway station in Arnhem Jeeps of the Reconaissance Squadron enter Oosterbeek A self-propelled gun in Arnhem

Stug III's of the 9th S.S. Panzer Division making their way into Arnhem An abandoned Horsa on one of the Landing Zones A German soldier examining an abandoned Horsa German infantry pass an abandoned 6-pounder anti-tank gun A German soldier helping himself to the contents of a supply canister

Two dead soldiers of "D" Company, 2nd South Staffordshires Dakotas carrying out a resupply mission, as seen from the perspective of a German 2cm anti-aircraft crew who open fire at them An abandoned German troop carrying vehicle Three German Grenadiers of the 9th S.S. Panzer Division driving prisoners in a captured Jeep Parachutes from a supply drop

The Driel Ferry crossing A wounded Polish soldier being treated at the Dressing Station in Driel Two men of the Army Film and Photographic Unit A German soldier in the Arnhem-Oosterbeek area A German MG 42 position being set up for an anti-aircraft role



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