Soldiers loading a trailer onto a Horsa glider before take-off Men of the 1st Battalion's HQ Company drinking tea before take off A US cook serves tea to paratroopers shortly before take-off Men of the 1st Battalion waiting to take off on Sunday 17th Men of the 1st Para Brigade ready themselves for battle

Men loading a supply canister beneath a C-47 Men of the 21st Independent Company waiting to board their aircraft Paratroopers making final preparations on a runway Equipment being loaded onto C-47's Polish aircrew packing a parachute

C-47 tugs flanked by Waco gliders for one of the American airlifts The 61st Troop Carrier Group at Barkston Heath, 17th September 1944 Dakotas lined up along a runway on Sunday 17th September Glider infantry waiting for take-off beside their Horsa Airlanding soldiers shortly before boarding their gliders

Glider pilots waving off comrades Horsas being hooked-up to tug aircraft at Fairford A Stirling towing a Horsa takes off An Albermarle towing a Horsa glider A view from the cockpit of a glider

A pilots-eye view from the cockpit of a glider Sergeant Hollingsworth flying to Arnhem with the First Lift A Horsa glider in tow A Horsa glider in tow A Halifax tug with a Hamilcar glider in tow

Men of the 1st Para Brigade boarding Officers of the Reconnaissance Squadron shortly before take-off on Sunday 17th September Men of the 1st Parachute Brigade inside a C-47 on the First Lift Men of the 1st Battalion's Mortar Platoon in good spirits Paratroopers on their way to Arnhem

Paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne, en route to Nijmegen in a C-47 The airborne armada crossing the English Channel The Airborne Armada on its way to Holland The Airborne Armada passes over flooded areas of the Dutch countryside The First Lift passes over the Belgian border

The US 101st Airborne lift crosses into Belgium Waves of Dakotas on their way to Arnhem Horsa gliders cross over the River Rhine A Hamilcar and two Horsas gliding towards their landing zone Paratroopers jump from three C-47's

Paratroopers landing on DZ-X on Sunday 17th September Paratroopers dropping over their DZ The 82nd Airborne drops over Nijmegen Paratroopers descend over DZ-X Paratroopers moving off DZ-X as others continue to land

Paratroopers land amongst stationary gliders on DZ-X A supply canister being emptied as parachutists descend in the background DZ-X and LZ-Z, as seen from the south, with LZ-S over the railway line Gliders scattered across LZ-S The north-western corner of LZ-S

The northern border between DZ-X and LZ-Z An aerial view of parts of two landing zones, probably LZ-S and Z Gliders scattered across LZ-S on Sunday 17th September A view looking down upon gliders landed on LZ-S  Landed gliders on the north east of LZ-Z. Note the five horsa's at the top that overran the zone and crashed into the woods

Horsa gliders on a Landing Zone Troops unloading equipment from a Horsa glider Abandoned Horsa gliders on one of the landing zones Abandoned Horsa gliders on one of the landing zones A Hamilcar on one of the landing zones

The Landing Zones Another wave of C-47's deliver more parachutists Parachutes litter the drop zone Two Airborne soldiers unpacking a supply container Troops unloading a Horsa on the Landing Zone

Sergeant Jim Travis on the Independent Company accepts a drink from Dutch civilians off DZ-X Dutch civilians hand out water to troops leaving a landing zone Members of the 2nd Parachute Battalion's Mortar Platoon leaving the drop zone on Sunday 17th September German Prisoners of War being escorted to Wolfheze