Field Marshall Montgomery (far right) Captured paratroopers being searched by a German soldier British prisoners being marched into Arnhem on Tuesday 26th September 1st Airborne men being marched away into captivity British prisoners being led away as German troops look on

British prisoners help a wounded comrade Two captured Airborne troops help a wounded comrade Captured airborne troops singing around a piano in the Schoonoord Hotel on the morning after the evacuation British prisoners being led into captivity British prisoners, some wounded, being searched by German soldiers

Two British prisoners climb aboard a Jeep, driven by a German soldier British prisoners, many of whom are walking wounded, being led away from Arnhem Airborne soldiers being marched into captivity Captured Airborne troops in Oosterbeek A British soldier receiving First Aid

A captured Parachute Regiment officer A member of the medical services beside a grave Sergeant Bennett after swimming across the Rhine British troops in Nijmegen after the evacuation Dirty and tired, but alive. 1st Airborne survivors at Nijmegen

Men of the 1st Border, evacuated from Arnhem, at Louvain on the 27th September Men of the 1st Airborne re-equipping at Nijmegen Wounded and exhausted soldiers drinking and smoking in Nijmegen An airborne soldier offers a comrade a light Arnhem bridge being destroyed by American bombers on the 7th October

The road bridge at Arnhem, a month after it was destroyed by American bombers Daniel McGowan burying a dead soldier after the Battle Daniel McGowan burying a dead soldier after the Battle Men of 133 Parachute Field Ambulance behind enemy lines, having evaded capture Men of the 1st Airborne Division on parade at Buckingham Palace on the day of the Arnhem Investiture

Men of the 1st Airborne Division cheer Generals Urquhart and Browning on the day of the Arnhem Investiture BBC War Correspondents Stanley Maxted and Guy Byam telling their stories at Broadcasting House British war correspondents after the withdrawal Three men of the Army Film and Photographic Unit Evacuated airborne troops

Polish soldiers guarding Grave Bridge checking documents A Polish soldier guarding Grave Bridge Polish soldiers being taken out of the line Polish soldiers resting