Major John Bune


97114 Major John C. Bune was Second-in-Command of the 1st Parachute Battalion. He was commissioned into The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) of the Territorial Army on the 2nd September 1939, transferring to the Parachute Regiment on the 18th April 1944. At Arnhem, on the 17th September 1944, the 1st Battalion encountered strong opposition on the Amsterdamseweg and attempted to bypass it, but "R" Company remained heavily engaged around the Wolfhezerweg junction and could not follow. At 19:00, Major Bune was sent to contact "R" Company, returning at 22:00 with their Second-in-Command, who reported that they had disengaged but progress was slow as they had suffered 50% casualties. Major Bune returned to "R" Company with the Battalion transport to help evacuate the wounded. The convoy is believed to have reached Oosterbeek safely, but Major Bune was ambushed and killed somewhere in the vicinity of the Dreyenseweg. He was 30 years old. Thanks to Aart van Uden.