Signalman Sidney Charles Noon


Signalman Noon was a member of the Public Relations Team which accompanied the 1st Airborne Division to Arnhem. Born on the 25th February 1923, he tried to join the Army before his 18th birthday, but his mother found out and marched him to the recruitment office where she informed all there that he was too young. He became a watchman instead, and was on duty in London on the 29th December 1940, the night that the Guildhall burned down; a copy of his report is included below. On the 11th October 1941 he joined the Essex Regiment, and became a Signalman in the Royal Corps of Signals on the 1st February 1943. It is believed that he was mentioned in despatches on several occasions, and on leaving the Army after the war his character was noted as "Exemplary". He died on the 26th November 2001. Copyright: Jan Trim.



Sidney Noon stands at the extreme right, leaning on the shoulder of the seated man.


Noon's report on the burning of the Guildhall, London, 29th December 1940.